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Glassco was established in 2009 with the express purpose to offer superior products and service at a fair price. Our staff includes one of the most experienced glass fabricator on the island, with over 36 years of experience, we are sure that we can meet and exceed your expectations. From office and hotel furniture glass, to dresser tops, cabinet glass doors, custom cut glass and mirrors, window and door glass replacement with a high priority in glass vandalism repair. We have established ourselves as the foremost authority on window glass replacement, table top glass, shelves, and display cases for residential and commercial customers. We supply local window and door manufacturers with high quality glass, lead and tin free mirror, safe for the environment and personal use. Got a custom project? No problem, just give us your specific shape and sizes and we will do the rest. We take pride in our work. We want to be your glass company and we will do our best to gain your trust and business.


Float Glass

Float glass is a sheet of glass made by floating molten glass on a bed of molten metal, typically tin, although lead and various low melting point alloys were used in the past. This method gives the sheet uniform thickness and very flat surfaces. Modern windows are made from float glass. Most float glass is soda-lime glass, but relatively minor quantities of specialty borosilicate and flat panel display glass are also produced using the float glass process.
The float glass process is also known as the Pilkington process, named after the British glass manufacturer Pilkington, which pioneered the technique (invented by Sir Alastair Pilkington) in the 1950s.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is considered a safety glass and is primarily used because of its safety, security and sound abatement characteristics. Laminated glass is particularly suitable where it is useful to maintain the structural integrity of the piece in question after breakage. Adhering two or more pieces of glass together with a vinyl layer using heat and pressure produces laminated glass. In case of breakage, the PVB interlayer holds the fragments together and thus continues to provide resistance to the passage of persons or objects. The bond also holds the glass panes together and prevents shattering and production of sharp shards which is typical of glass breakage. Laminated glass is used in a variety of situations such as store fronts, balconies, skylights, and automotive glass. Here at Glassco we can custom cut laminated glass and use it for any situation deemed necessary. Do you need a glass table top but are worried about kids breaking the glass or worse yet cutting themselves? Maybe laminated glass is the answer to your problem.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass regularly used in applications in which standard glass could pose a potential danger. Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than standard glass and does not break into sharp large pieces when it breaks. Tempered glass is manufactured through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling, making it harder than normal glass.


Mirrors are used to increase the feeling of space and enhance interiors. A new generation mirror produced using an environmentally friendly process of exceptionally high quality and durability. This improved manufacturing process also improves the optical quality of the product and significantly increases its longevity through a better resistance to corrosion. Our Mirrors are available in 3mm and 5mm thicknesses and contain no lead or copper. The silver coating is applied to one side of the glass then sealed with a protective layer. This process significantly increases the durability of the product. Mirrors can be used as framed or un-framed mirrors, for paneling on walls and or doors and in furniture or shelves, particularly where there is need to compensate for light or space.

Protect the environment by choosing a mirrored product that is free from harmful metals.

EZ Mount Mirror Clips

Mirror Clips (Plastic)

Adjustable Clamps

Rectangular Clamps

Shelf Supports

Showcase Locks

Chrome Speak Thru’s

Speak Thru’s

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Broken window, mirror or door glass?

No need to buy new, just replace the glass or mirror. Glass is an integral part of our lives and all of today’s homes have a considerable amount of glass built into them. However the fragile nature of glass causes it to be shattered or break and that’s when replacement glass is crucial. We put glass replacement, especially vandalism, high on our priority replacement glass order.

Need to protect a wooden table top?

Choose affordable 1/4″ thick clear glass to protect wooden or other table tops from scratches and stains. Restaurant owners can save linen costs. Why risk ruining a beautiful piece of furniture? Glass can protect tables and desks from stains, scratches and UV light. The most economical choice for protecting wooden table tops is 1/4″ thick, clear glass. Choose from inexpensive, stylish “polished” edges or custom shapes and colors. Glassco customers call 583 4784 for expert advice. Bronze or grey glass is a slightly more expensive alternative suitable for modern furniture.

Cut Outs

Internal Cut-Outs are used for electrical outlets in mirrors.


Holes can be drilled in various diameters from 5mm up to 102mm.


Notches and corner notches are required for fitting glass tops to furniture, architectural elements and electrical fixtures. Pass-through is used in retail and commercial applications.

Speaker Holes

Through notches are finished with edge polishing.

What You Need to Know About Glass!

  • Glass thickness: Most commonly used glass thicknesses are: 3-5-6-8 and 10mm, contact us for more information.
  • Glass sizes: Be careful measuring your glass. Once the glass has been cut it is very difficult and sometimes impossible to change its size.
  • Glass type: Variety of glass available. Options include clear glass, frosted glass, bronze glass, gray glass, patterned glass, laminated glass and more.
  • Glass strength: Annealed glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass are some of the options.
  • Glass edge: Choose a simple polished edge for a traditional and elegant look or a beveled edge for a more modern and futuristic style.

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